"Halloween short stories and illustrations"


The horror. The horror!

Also: Hello everybody. This message is supposed to inform everybody that yet another successful exhibition has ended. Between the beginning of Halloween and Christmas time (which finally managed to drive out the horror), terrifyingly beautiful horror short stories and illustrations were on display at our school library. These gems of madness were produced by students of BGY Ges. / Soz.19a. With a loving care for detail, dedication and a pinch of utter insanity, the students produced short fiction featuring killer clowns, sad monsters, suspicious dolls and so much more.

This tales were accompanied by equally well-made and scary illustrations, invoking an adequate atmosphere in the library.

Thanks to all the students for working on their stories and illustrations (sometimes both!) and thanks to the library staff and Ms. Lang for their support.

And now run, run as fast as you can!




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